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Miracle Monday – Charlie Lash


On Wednesday, December 2, 2020, Kimberlie Wright rushed her then seven-year-old daughter, Charlie Lash, to Hurley’s Pediatric Emergency Department. Charlie had a full body scan and, even though all signs pointed to appendicitis, nothing showed up. Her COVID test came back negative. The doctors thought it was wise to admit her. They were right.

Within a couple of days, Charlie developed a rash on her little finger that rapidly spread across her entire body within hours. She couldn’t move her neck. Her condition deteriorated rapidly.  A spinal tap was performed. Meningitis was ruled out. So was Kawasaki Disease. Surprisingly, another COVID swab showed antibodies. How could this be? Apparently, Charlie was asymptomatic for COVID-19 just before December and no one knew.


Hurley doctors diagnosed Charlie with MIS-C (a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children) which is a rare but serious complication associated with COVID-19. The inflammation in the child’s body can limit blood flow, damaging the heart, kidneys, and other organs.

After nine long days at Hurley, Charlie was discharged. But this was not the end of her journey. Life for this now eight-year-old second-grader  is filled with doctors’ appointments. Dr. Nancy Cutler, Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Shannon Dennis, Pediatric Neuropsychologist, and Dr. Yaseen Rafee, Infectious Disease Specialist each play an important role in Charlie’s life right now.


Both Kimberlie and Charlie’s dad, Joseph, are grateful to the medical team at Hurley as well as the Child Life Specialists who made such a difference. Today, this bright little girl is back to being the “light” in her world. She’s a whiz at math and enjoys her arts and crafts again.

Without a doubt, Charlie Lash is truly a miracle!