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Your CMN Donations in Action at Hurley Children’s Hospital

Time and time again, we share with you all the ways you can get involved with our CMN hospital through your donations, participation in our events and volunteering. This week, we’re changing it up!

Join us as we go behind the scenes at Hurley Children’s Hospital to highlight a few of the ways that donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals programs at Hurley Foundation have made an impact on our pediatric patients throughout the past year. 

Critical Monitoring for Hurley’s Youngest Patients

A portable ECG is used to monitor vitals as a patient is transported, and it reduces the amount of steps taken to prepare patients for transport. Because of your efforts at local events like ELGA’s “Raise the Purse” in November 2023, Hurley Foundation was able to assist with the purchase of a Philips Intellivue X3 portable ECG monitor for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Hurley. Because of your support, this Level III NICU can continue to provide life-saving care to Hurley’s tiniest patients.

Keeping Families Rested During Their Stay

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals programs at Hurley Foundation is committed to supporting pediatric patients in all aspects of their care journey. When a family is confronted with an unexpected, extended stay at the hospital, we do our best to provide accommodations. Families such as the Munson’s have experienced the benefit of having access to CMN parent sleep rooms during their son’s stay in Hurley’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). 

Staying Nourished During a Stressful Time

In addition to the parent sleep rooms, families also have access to a nutrition room which we aim to keep stocked with coffee, snacks and small microwaveable meals. Keeping up with the demands of stocking the nutrition room is a challenge, but your donations of nonperishable snack items on our Amazon wish list are a huge help.

Providing the Warmest Welcome for Hurley Babies

Panda Warmers are used to keep babies warm after they are born and offer a space for the hospital’s clinical staff to do all the necessary testing and monitoring in a baby’s first hours of life. These beds are utilized after every birth at Hurley. In 2023, funds from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supporters were utilized to purchase four brand new Panda Warmers which will ensure that Hurley babies truly receive a warm welcome.

Specialized Equipment for Little Bones

A Femur Rigid Nail System is used to help insert rods in the leg in order to stabilize fractures. While it is able to insert rods to stabilize the leg, the extraction set is also able to remove the rods once the leg has finished healing. Because of your support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals programs here at Hurley, we were able to purchase this specialized orthopedic equipment, tailored uniquely to our pediatric patients.

MeKenzie Phillips is the CMN Office and Fundraising Associate at Hurley Foundation. Comments or questions about this blog? Email