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Wade Quads Turn 22

The Wade Quads turn 22 today.

Kim and Darrin Wade lived in Grand Blanc when they dreamed of starting a family. Dr. Mostafa Abuzeid, an infertility expert, helped them become pregnant. They were both happy and shocked to learn they would have 4 babies!  Born minutes apart on January 8th, 1999,  dad (former first baseman with the Toronto Blue Jays) was thrilled to welcome his starting lineup: Aaron (3.8 pounds), Nicholas (2.8 pounds), Zachary (3.6 pounds) and Nigel (3.9 pounds).

Darrin said, “We are so grateful to Hurley for giving us our sons. We owe everything to God and them. Dr. Chan and the entire NICU team were wonderful.”

The babies were discharged one at a time with Nicholas home last after 4 weeks in the NICU.

In 2013 Kim and Darrin moved to Ohio where Darrin is a software architect for General Electric. Kim is a school principal. The quads grew up knowing the importance of education. They were expected to study hard, be responsible and do good deeds. They made national news when they were all accepted to prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Duke, Cornell and Georgetown.

They decided to go to college together at Yale to become part of the class of 2021. Even though they were together, for the first time they lived apart in different residence halls. Nigel studies neuroscience, Aaron is pursuing artificial intelligence, Zach will be a chemical engineer and Nick is majoring in international relations.

Happy birthday to these amazing Hurley miracles and continue to follow your parents’ advice to “never be average.”