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Rocsi and Madi on a Roll!


3rd graders Rocsi Turner and Madi Ruegsegger are on a roll! After Rocsi got roller skates for her birthday, she taught Madi how to skate.

It was Madi who came up with the idea to put on a skating show for family, friends and neighbors. Just before Christmas, they passed out fliers and 30-35 people lined the Turner driveway to watch the girls perform. A little rain couldn’t stop their ambition either. Together they raised $415 for Hurley Children’s Hospital!

Rocsi has held lemonade stands and maker’s fairs to benefit other organizations in the past. We’re sure glad she and Madi decided to help children heal here at Hurley! As one neighbor told The Flint Courier News,


“I think with 2020 the way it’s been with the pandemic and everything,

we all could use to donate a little to our community, and Hurley is such

a great organization that serves the children in our community so well.”

Their parents say giving back is ingrained in the girls. They want to give back. It’s a great example they have shared with other children in their school.