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Sugar and Sweets

Show them some sugar!

Lili and Lily met back in 3rd grade at Cook Elementary in Grand Blanc. Kind of shy, they came together at first because they shared the same name. As time went on, these best friends discovered they both shared a passion for baking. They now have a dream of opening a bakery together, called Sugar and Sweets.

Until that dream is realized, the besties have decided to make sure sick kids in our community have a chance to pursue their own dreams. Last year, they held a bake sale raising $372 for Hurley Children’s Hospital. The money helped buys dolls and books for kids who are recovering with us and going through medical treatments. That kind of donation really helps children in the hospital to feel like kids and not be so bored or afraid.

The community loved Lili and Lily’s baked goods so much, they decided to hold a bake sale again this year. This summer’s bake sale was an even bigger success. The best friends have donated $724 to Hurley Children’s Hospital.

They are a delight and have obvious talents. They tell us if they continue to get good grades, their dads have pledged to put half the money up for their Bakeshop some day. We have no doubt the dads will be paying up. These girls can do anything. They can really bake and their hearts are in the right place.

We are grateful Lili and Lily have big hearts and are sharing their gifts and donations with other children who could really use their help at Hurley Children’s Hospital.