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NICU Reunion Returns

Wow! What a turnout for the 2019 NICU Reunion. After a several year hiatus, nurses at Hurley Children’s Hospital NICU worked hard to bring it back. They love to see how the tiniest miracles are thriving as they grow up. They also love to reconnect with miracle families who they bonded with during care.

The free event at Grand Blanc’s Bicentennial Park provided food, music, prizes, face painting, a bounce house, photos and lots of fun for both the kids and parents.

Hundreds of people came, many waiting in line to get into the event. We had asked families to bring photos of their babies from the NICU. It was surprising how many did. We had grown adults holding photos of their baby pictures, showing how they started life in the Hurley NICU 20 or more years ago. We saw twins and triplets who survived together because of their time with us. Families told stories of babies born months early and babies born weighing just a pound. There were lots of hugs, lots of laughs and even a few tears.

Dr. Chan was the rock star of the event. Family after family waited to thank him for not only providing them hope, but giving them their miracles. He told us he’s probably helped more than 30,000 babies during his career at Hurley. It is truly amazing at the number of Flint and Genesee County children who owe their lives to the Hurley NICU team and the care we provide that no one else can in this area.

We talk a lot about being a family – a work family – a family with our patients. The 2019 NICU Reunion showed how true that is – it felt just like a Family Reunion. Like all good family reunions, we can’t wait for the next one where we can catch up again and see how much everyone has grown.

Thank-you to everyone who came, who volunteered, the nurses and doctors. It was an event to remember.