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Miracle Families Pay it Forward

When families share their stories of their Hurley Children’s Hospital journey, it’s not about us – it’s about them. It’s about the fears, their moments of comfort and the gratitude they feel to see their child healed. They are often so touched, they spend a lifetime, paying it forward and helping to support the hospital that saved them.

🍦 Charlie Lash 
Ice cream can’t cure everything but it is sure the stuff of miracles for Charlie Lash and her grandma! After Charlie was diagnosed with a severe COVID-19 side effect at #HurleyChildrensHospital, her grandma got an inspiration. Hurley helped Charlie so much, her grandma created Charlie + Co. Ice Cream Truck. The two of them have been serving up ice cream all over the place, collecting donations for the hospital that helped her.  
🍋 Max Williams
Max was born a month early after too much amniotic fluid surrounded him. With the great care at our NICU, this 6 year old first grader who loves sushi has grown with a heart of gold. He recently held a virtual Lemonade stand to raise money for Hurley Children’s Hospital. His efforts squeezed out $1165 and counting. He raised more than his goal! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!  We should note Max’s parents are both so impressed by Hurley and its mission, Liz has now become a leader at the Hurley Foundation and Ron works with patients at Hurley Medical Center.
👜 Carsen Titus
Carsen is at that age where he has lost his 2 front teeth! He is now in 2nd grade at Myers Elementary in Grand Blanc. This Hurley miracle child’s life once hung in the balance. He was born 6 and half weeks early and struggled to survive. His family knows he is alive today because they were able to utilize the expertise of the NICU at Hurley Children’s Hospital.  Now, Carsen loves playing baseball, Legos and Fortnite plus hanging out with his BFF Urijah. He has spent his entire life helping promote miracles by raising money for us. His grandma, Cheryl Sclater, is also a member of one of our credit union partners, ELGA. Tonight, they are hosting a Raise the Purse fundraiser to benefit their favorite CMN hospital – Hurley Children’s Hospital.
🥔 Shaffer Twins
 The Shaffers spent a lot of time in the Hurley Children’s Hospital NICU. Their twins were born 15 weeks early! Lincoln was 1 pound 6 ounces and he was with us 98 days. Evelyn was 1 pound 11 ounces and spent 122 days with us. They received Potato Heads when the twins were 3 weeks old. The Potato Heads were used to compare size, and visually remind them that their babies were growing every single day. Now Katie and Adam are helping other families connect with The Potato Head Project. They are not only helping families, but their bond with the NICU doctors and nurses has lasted. They still speak with them all the time!
Join a tradition of giving. We make miracles and give families hope. Donate today.
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