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Walmart Manager Has Big Heart for Hurley

There is a special sort of energy that accompanies the start of each campaign with our Children’s Miracle Network National Partners. The time, energy and planning committed by these organizations from the top down is extensive, and there is nothing more exciting than meeting a “friend” in the field who exudes the same passion for the kids here at Hurley Children’s Hospital as we do.

Flint, MI Store Manager Beth Harris poses with her team as they fill water balloons for a mini-fundraiser.

Faced with a campaign year unlike any other, Walmart stores have continued to rise to the occasion. In the face of adversity, they have demonstrated their commitment to helping local kids, and to making a difference in the lives of their associates. No one exemplifies this passion and commitment better than Flint, MI store manager, Beth Harris.

When I first met Beth, she emerged from her office in the back of the store, confident and calm. CMN posters were splashed all around the entrance to the stockroom where employees gathered to begin their pre-shift meeting. She greeted me with a gift: a handful of pandemic-themed Walmart pins that she would be selling to associates for $5 a piece to benefit CMN programs at Hurley Children’s Hospital.

The pre-shift huddle began. The management team discussed numbers from the days prior, and stressed the importance of providing an exceptional store experience for all those who would be shopping over the 4th of July holiday weekend. They highlighted operational adjustments, the need for additional help in the auto department, and the importance of getting the front end in each department straightened up before their delivery trucks arrived later that day.

Harris’ son, Brenden, throwing a water balloon at mom.

Even amidst all these essential conversations, Beth’s shining moment came when it was time to talk about Children’s Miracle Network. She proudly introduced me to the team, and shared the BIG news about store 1928 officially taking first place in Region 19. On that day (Thursday, July 2nd), they had officially crossed the $5,000 mark, and were in first place in the region.

“Nothing will stop us from $10,000 this year,” Beth said excitedly, “I know we can do it!”

As the mother of a son who was born six weeks early, Beth understands the challenges that many CMN families face. The Walmart campaign is personal to her, and it shows.

Fast forward nearly two weeks, and many team meetings later and store 1928 in Flint, MI is celebrating another huge milestone.

Not only has their team raised over $15,000 for the kids, but the Walmart & Sam’s Clubs locations in the Flint-Saginaw-Bay City region have recently surpassed the $100,000 mark, and if you ask Beth, they’re not done yet. “I have had stores calling me and telling me they are going to take me out of first.. they are all out to get me,” she says proudly, “I welcome the challenge because in the end, the winner is the children!”

Don’t miss out on this miracle moment! Donate in-store or online at before 11:59pm July 19th.

7/20/20 UPDATE: We are thrilled to announce that the round up portion of this year’s CMN campaign at Walmart and Sam’s Club has been extended through July 31st!

The campaign extension applies to roundup donations at the register, on and the Walmart app, regardless of payment method.