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Time to get Back to School Vaccines

Michigan kids aren’t getting vaccinated the way they should be and that’s hurting both them and their parents. Many families are just off cycle for check-ups after COVID.

Hurley Children’s Hospital pediatrician Dr. Danelle Stabel says vaccines can help minimimize symptoms.

“Fever, chills, upset stomach. Those are no fun for kids. It’s also no fun for kids to miss school and for parents to miss work for a few days.”

Dr. Stabel says she gets her own children vaccinated every year. She tells families to talk to their doctor if they have concerns or read something on the internet about a particular vaccine. It’s best to flush out any rumors so you can make the most informed choice for your child.

While there aren’t vaccines for every respirator illness your child may come in contact with this school year, vaccines can protect against some of them and save your child from some misery.