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RSV Peaking – Danger for Babies

RSV seems to be peaking in our region. Anyone can get it. #HurleyChildrensHospital infectious diesase pediatrician Dr. Yaseen Rafe’e gives us this graphic, showing some of the reasons RSV is so dangerous for babies.

If your child gets sick:

  • Start by contacting your pediatrician.
  • Off hours, you can go to a Hurley Urgent Care or a pediatric urgent care near you.
  • If your child is lethargic or not breathing, the added step of 911 or the Emergency Department may be needed.

There is a new tool to fight against RSV – an approved shot that passes antibodies and immunity to babies, protecting them for the season. This shot can reduce a baby’s risk of being hospitalized by 80%.

Also, pregnant moms can get a vaccine that will pass antibodies, protecting babies for 6 months after birth. for urgent care locations. (Flint, Burton, Durand)