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Ouch! Medical Play Makes “Pokes” Easier To Take

Not all hospitals have Child Life Services. Hurley Children’s Hospital realizes the value.

It’s no secret kids don’t like getting shots. Who would? Imagine as a child being told you will need to live with “pokes” everyday – and you will be giving them to yourself. It’s a reality for many children as they continue their treatment at home for a range of diseases – including diabetes.

That’s where Medical Play comes in. Our Child Life Services team relieves some of the stress by making sure there are no surprises. Using dolls and stuffed animals, they walk the young patients through procedures- letting them give shots to their new “friends”.

The children get practice, so they are more comfortable. They become experts – in control of what’s happening to them. Check out how great they do:

Child Life Services and Medical Play are such a vital part of the Children’s Hospital experience at Hurley. You can support those services by taking part in our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Bowlathon May 18th in Flushing. Contact 810-262-9399 or