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Mom Says Hurley Doctors Make Her Feel Like Family

Tiffany Millison’s 11 year old daughter, Khiyah has had 4 strokes. Khiyah has Sickle Cell Disease, her blood cells are not round. This means Khiyah has to go to the hospital every three weeks for treatment. She may have to do that the rest of her life.

Tiffany says they have been to multiple hospitals in several different states. Sometimes doctors prescribe care without consulting her. She believes she knows her daughter better than anyone and can work WITH doctors, not just take their orders.

That’s where Hurley Children’s Hospital has made a difference. Tiffany says doctors at Hurley consult with her, asking her opinion on the treatments her daughter is going through. The experience has made her feel part of the process. She finds it comforting. As for Khiyah, she is rarely seen without a smile on her face. During visits staff will give her hugs and give her snacks. The positive energy between the 11 year old girl, doctors and nurses, can be felt when you walk in her room.

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