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Keeping Kids Hydrated in Summer Heat


In this heat, it’s important to get kids to drink early and drink often. Babies should be wetting 6 diapers a day. It they aren’t – they might be dehydrated. Try putting stickers on a water bottle and tell your kids to “Drink to Ladybug” or “Drink to Dinosaur.”

Hurley Children’s Hospital Registered Dietitian, Amy Hughes says to start drinking water in the morning, and continue drinking water throughout the day. You can also serve your children melon, cucumbers or tomatoes. They are almost 100% water and can add to hydration.

Here’s a chart to rely on for the minimal amount of water kids should drink on a summer day.

4 – 8 Years Old5 Cups5 Cups
9 – 13 Years Old8 Cups7 Cups
14 – 18 Years Old11 Cups8 Cups