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Happy Father’s Day

Today, Hurley Children’s Hospital celebrates the dads who are grateful to have the whole world in their hands.

Dads can be strong. Dads can be compassionate. Dads can be teachers, be vulnerable, be hilarious and even heartbroken.

Dads can make miracles happen.

We see the dads who rock their NICU babies, dreaming of the day their child will come home.

We see the dads who work all day, then come to the hospital to hold a sick child’s hand all night.

Dads can be a rock. Dads can be broken. Dads are supportive. Dads are understanding. Dads are patient. Dads are ferocious.

We see dads in their best moments and during their most challenging.

We see you dads, in all of your glory. We thank you for your support of Hurley Children’s Hospital. We thank you for being the best dad you can be.

Happy Father’s Day.