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Walmart Hadlee Miracle

Hadlee is a Hurley Children’s Hospital miracle! Diagnosed with Leukemia, Hadlee has been a warrior over the past four years of her life.

Despite that strength, Hadlee is also a beautiful princess. We’ve watched her twirl in the spring sun and smile big whenever she is dancing. Now, everyone can see that beautiful miracle smile.

We are so thankful to Walmart for placing Hadlee on signs this year at their registers, reminding everyone to donate to Hurley Children’s Hospital. As the only CMN hospital in 14 counties, families all over our area depend on Hurley for the best, cutting edge and compassionate care their children can receive. COVID has been a challenge for us financially, but we all know, when a child is sick there is no waiting for treatment.

We hope you consider a donation to Hurley when you shop at Walmart this month. They are making it easier than ever to donate, with a prompt on the register screen when you check out. Give $1 or $5 or any amount you can afford. And be confident, every penny will be spent to treat our LOCAL children and give them the medical care they deserve.

Thanks Walmart and thanks Hadlee for supporting Hurley Children’s Hospital!