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Grateful Financial Plus Family

Langston was born with low blood sugar and had to be treated for 5 days with insulin shots every couple of hours. “My heart sank because we were ready to take him and cuddle him and give him all the love we could,” his dad said. “To have to have him go through the experience he went through, it kind of crushed me.”

His dad added, “Knowing this hospital and being that I’m a second generation Hurley birth patient, to know the care they gave me and some of the issues I suffered through as a young child, I was pretty confident that Hurley would be able to take care of it.” Hurley did. Langston is healthy and full of energy today. He loves to chase and wrestle with his brothers and sisters and read books. The Financial Plus Credit Union family is so thankful.

“If you’ve had a child that’s ever been born at Hurley,” says mom, “they have a lot of equipment here to be able to help your child, the staff is very friendly and they just make you feel like home when you are here.”

Langston’s family calls Hurley a phenomenal hospital saying the donations people give to help little boys like theirs touches families. “I would suggest everybody donate to Hurley, as much as you can,” said dad.