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$1 Is All It Takes

$1,903,972.  None of us can afford to donate that kind of money, even if it is to help heal local kids. You don’t have to. Your $1 donation has added up to almost $2 Million for Hurley Children’s Hospital over the years.

All Flint-Saginaw area Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs are raising money right now to help fund critical treatments, pediatric medical equipment, research and charitable care at Hurley. 

“Each year our associates look forward to getting involved in this campaign and will often challenge each other with the single goal to surpass the amount raised the year before,” said Beth Harris, Manager of the Walmart in Flint. “Each of our stores takes supporting the communities they serve very seriously. However, they all become very passionate when it comes to the CMN campaign and the opportunity to help sick and injured children and their families.”

The need is staggering. 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network hospital for treatment every minute. To date, Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, members and customers in the Flint-Saginaw area have raised $1,903,972 for Hurley Medical Center, most of it one dollar at a time. $1 does make a difference for our local kids. 

On a national level, Walmart and Sam’s Club have raised more than $1 billion for CMN Hospitals. This is the largest cash amount ever raised by one company for a nonprofit in America.

The Walmart & Sam’s Club CMN Hospitals campaign runs through July 7th. Please donate whenever you checkout.