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Tumblethon – Kids Supporting Kids

Grand Blanc Gymnastics supports Hurley Children’s Hospital with a Tumblethon each spring. The young gymnasts tell us they raise money because it’s important to help people who need help.  “We do forward rolls for little kids and cartwheels for the bigger kids and everyone gets involved for an entire week,” says Dawn Pease of Grand Blanc Gymnastics. She adds, “even the parents help count with the babies, they roll them around!”

Tumblethon teaches kids life lessons through the sport of gymnastics. Learning to help others is a vital life lesson children can learn at any age no matter how young. One mom tells us when her daughter was little they were in a car accident and brought to Hurley. The physical therapist recommended she join gymnastics. They’ve come full circle now donating back to Hurley. “Reaching out to other people is a very valuable lesson, especially at a young age,” said Dawn Pease. “Our heart is for kids so we wanted to find something in the community to contribute to, we wanted to be part of the community. We wanted to reach out to other children who were in need and that’s how we started. We just wanted to find a good organization we knew our money and effort would go towards.”

Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint is one of only four CMN Hospitals in the state of Michigan. The tiniest of babies and sickest children receive the very best pediatric care in our region.

“It is amazing that 300 kids were involved in helping to touch the lives of our NICU patients here,” said Aimee Datsko, Hurley NICU Nurse Manager. “We admit over 700 NICU patients a year so the money they raise is going to touch the lives of so many babies and families.”

Helping little babies in Hurley’s Level III Neonatal ICU is why THIS group puts its skills to the mat. Grand Blanc Gymnastics raised $5000 in its commitment to help our community. #HurleyCares. Grand Blanc Gymnastics cares.  It’s for the kids!