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Wonder Twin Powers Activate

Today, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the Zmiejko twins!
Their mom, Jenny (Zmiejko) Henman was shocked to learn that she was expecting twins. Her doctor hoped she would carry the babies for 37 weeks but, at 32 weeks, there was startling news. The twins had developed twin-to-twin transfusion. This meant “Baby A” had a lot of extra fluid, and his heart was working overtime to pump blood because he had TOO much of it. He was taking all the blood and nutrients from “Baby B.” That baby was most likely anemic.

The doctor said if he didn’t take them out, both babies would probably die. So, at 32 weeks, James and Alex Zmiejko entered the world! They were immediately taken to the NICU at Hurley Children’s Hospital where they spent 39 days before they were well enough to go home. James and Alex are both miracles!

…And get this! They both LOVE Dairy Queen!
(Idk about you guys, but I could definitely go for a DQ Blizzard right now– YUM!)
As we reflect on James & Alex’s journey, we are reminded of the precious moments that life has to offer us. This is something we cannot take for granted. Although this is a difficult time, we remain focused on the future of CMN programs here at Hurley Children’s Hospital, and we are optimistic about what lies ahead.
P.S. – Our friends at DQ recently launched a new Play at Home website full of TONS of awesome activities. Check it out if your family is in need of some fresh ideas!!! 
Thank you for being our blessing and our hope.❤