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What a Treat!

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day capped off a fantastic week and partnership between Hurley Children’s Hospital and Dairy Queen.

It followed an announcement that Dairy Queen is donating almost $140,000 to Hurley. It also followed our DQ Miracle Picnic which was an incredible time for local families at Sloan Museum.


We had miracle families at both of the Burton Dairy Queen stores for Miracle Treat Day, enjoying ice cream and talking with staff and customers. They were so adorable.

Two different tv stations came and captured the indulgence.

It was also amazing to see how many Children’s Miracle Network balloons have been bought. They cover the walls and remind us all to give.

This Mid-Michigan community is so generous and it’s great when they can both give and get at the same time.

$1 from every Blizzard! Amazing! That must be the reason one of our friends is admitting today, she had 3 Blizzards. Never too much of a good thing.

Thank-you Dairy Queen! Thank-you supporters! Thank-you CMN.