Vote for Miracles Update Week 1

One week into Vote for Miracles and already there have been more than 160,000 votes cast for 140 hospitals…and counting.

Currently, Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, OH, holds the top spot, followed by Hurley Children’s Hospital, El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation, Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

ELGA Credit Union, Dort Federal Credit Union, Health Center Credit Union, Palmetto Health Credit Union and Financial Plus Credit Union are the leading credit unions generating the most votes for their local CMN Hospital.

When you visit and cast a vote for your local CMN Hospital, you are helping that hospital increase its chances of winning $50,000 from CO-OP Financial Services and CU Direct. Remember, you can vote every day until Dec. 19.

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  1. VOTE. I was molest at a very young age. The toll that it takes you on you. I never told anyone. At the age of my early 50s in when I told someone, it stung my growth, on was on drugs. Growin up I’m still dealing with growing up. Im 8 yrs. clean from all drugs, it was hard to for give him. Way deep down I had anger inside, drugs gave me courage just to leave my house and be with class mates or go get high. I totally lost who I was, and still learning who am I and loving myself. My son told me that I didn’t love him in raising him up. I didn’t know that. It’s a life time to deal with, some maybe didn’t go my route. Thank you and God bless you all. If there’s any volunteer work I can do let me know. I have volunteered at hurley in flint. Thank you for looking out for these children. I’m 65 now and it’ll get better if they want survive. We have to be strong and detemine, the sooner they get help the better they’ll turn out.

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