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Snuggles from ELGA

A special delivery to Hurley Children’s Hospital brought ELGA Credit Union CEO Karen Church to tears. “I’m just so proud of our associates. They’re just so full of love and compassion for everyone. Whether it be our members or the kids in the hospital, they just want to give, ” said Church.

Raising money with Jean Days, Team ELGA donated time to make 300 blankets for local kids. 150 blankets will keep pediatric patients cozy at Hurley. Associates thought how wonderful it would be to wrap the children in love. So many people jumped on the idea, loved the idea and wanted to become part of it. They let people bring in their families and kids, so everybody got involved. They had close to 75 people helping to make the blankets.

This is just one of the ways ELGA supports CMN Hospitals. The local credit union is a great community partner that cares. Karen Church says, “We do know the money goes to people we love dearly. We’ve had friends and family who have had their children here. I have a couple who are very dear to my heart. They love their nurses and their doctors. Just such great care here at Hurley.  We feel so confident in what we are able to provide through Hurley Hospital for our children.”

This week, ELGA is matching donations for Hurley Children’s Hospital at

Just $5 will make a difference and will give families hope.