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Lemonade For Leukemia

Charlie is 4 years old. Charlie has Leukemia.

Charlie is now inspiring other children. They are finding ways to raise money for kids going through cancer treatment at Hurley Children’s Hospital. There has already been a bake sale. Now, Charlie’s brothers have hosted a Lemonade Stand in Grand Blanc. They raised $401, which is a lot considering each cup of lemonade and each cookie sold for just 50 cents.

11 year old Brady and 9 year old Sam know their brother doesn’t like getting treatments. They hope the hospital will buy toys so kids can be rewarded when they are brave too.

For Charlie’s ALL Type B Leukemia, he’s been coming to the hospital 1 to 4 times a week since February. This month, Charlie will start maintenance, which will continue until June of 2021.

Their mom, April, has formed a relationship with the wonderful people providing her son care. She says, “It’s hard not to want to give back for everything they’ve done for our family.”

She is blessed with three incredible boys. Charlie is so strong and she says Brady and Sam love to help out. Amazing.