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Glow For Miracles 2019

Glow for Miracles was a huge success. Many people made a point saying the event moved them. A nurse said we have no idea what the gathering does for not only the morale of the staff but the morale of the patients who are with us long term.

Glow started last year when we were trying to get votes in Vote for Miracles. So many people were voting to get us the $50,000 prize, we wanted to do something so they could connect with patients directly, showing them how much they care. That event was great.

This year, the amount of people who came almost outgrew our outdoor space. Many people brought glow sticks and glow necklaces and hats. The amount of emergency responders who brought trucks and cars was amazing! The Swartz Creek Fire Department posted about being honored to be included! We were honored to have them.

People waved signs that read “Hurley Kids, We Love You!” They sang carols and cheered when the lights went off. Inside, patients and staff were really into it. The smile on one little girl’s face says it all! We had 21 NICU patients that night and 21 Peds patients that night waving back at the crowd. The kids couldn’t believe all of those people were there, just for them.

It’s a been a great event the past 2 years. We appreciate all of the support and love seeing so many people with caring hearts.