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Documentary Profiles Family With a Third Cancer Diagnosis

There has been a lot of media attention for the Neumann family. Rowan was diagnosed with Leukemia at 2 years old. After going into remission, his doctor had to tell his parents, he had cancer again. It would be a lot to take for any family – but then the Neumanns were given the news their baby Winnie had cancer too.

The family was given the choice of going to another hospital if the pain of returning to Hurley would be too much. They said they weren’t going anywhere. Both children have now been treated at Hurley Children’s Hospital. As of today, they are both in remission.

A film crew is making a documentary about the family and their treatment. They are such an inspiration because through it all, they have maintained a positive attitude, never giving up, learning as much as they can about the diseases and believing in both medicine and their children.

Part of the film will also focus on Dr. Nkechi Onwuzurike. She is being interviewed for her amazing work in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. Beyond the science and medicine – the film will also show how her heart, compassion and encouragement all help families heal as well. Dr. O gives us an inside look at what it is like for her to deliver the horrible news of a cancer diagnosis. She also talks about siblings who both get cancer and how that can happen.

Looking forward to the documentary release. We’ll keep you posted on the date!