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Dairy Queen Miracle Picnic Out of This World

With a move to Longway Planetarium, the Dairy Queen Miracle Picnic was out of this world.

Miracle Families were glad to get out of the heat and were excited to see the planetarium show which included a ride on a galactic roller coaster and a video with their own faces!

Sponsors made it such a special night by providing dinner, balloon animals, face painting, photo booths and a dessert of Dairy Queen Dilly Bars. Kids also loved interacting with Cinderella and Ariel. Those are some photos that will be cherished for years to come.

What’s great about the Miracle Picnic is it’s a night for miracle families to get out and have a great time. The kids get to be kids and they say it feels like an event that’s just for them. Sponsors also get to interact with the families, seeing first hand the miracles they help create. Everyone feels like one great big family.

Child Life Services, which have helped so many of our miracle children, got to spend the night having fun with the kids. They did crafts and explored the virtual reality that’s now available to our young patients.

We offer a special thank-you to Dairy Queen on its second year as title sponsor of this annual event. We couldn’t pull off the picnic without DQ, its local owners or the other local businesses that care about our local sick and injured kids.  Together, we save children’s lives and give families hope.