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Brother and Sister Cancer Fight Gets International Attention

 We love every family that comes to Hurley Children’s Hospital, but we want children to get better quickly and not need treatment anymore. It’s hard to imagine what the Neumann family has gone through with Rowan. He was diagnosed with leukemia before his second birthday. What a fighter – he beat it! But then he relapsed – twice.

While Rowan was fighting alongside our team, his parents got devastating news. His sister Winnie was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. She began treatments at Hurley too and was diagnosed cancer free in November.

The community has recently renovated the Neumann’s house to make it a sanctuary for recovery. Their story is close to the hearts of people across Mid-Michigan. And now, it is being shared around the world in a Daily Mail article.

Go along on their journey and see some of their amazing family photos here: