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Archer’s Story of Recovery


In August 2009, 5-year old Archer was walking behind an industrial lawn mower at a friend’s house when the mower turned, running him over. Archer suffered life threatening injuries and his right foot was 95% severed. He lost one and a half toes on his left foot. The tendons were also severed, along with two of the three main arteries, and he sustained significant bone  loss.

Archer was taken to a nearby hospital, then airlifted to Hurley Medical Center, the only Level I Trauma Center north of Detroit. It took four surgeries, 18 surgeons, several specialists and nearly 40 attendants to save Archer’s feet.

Through it all, Archer’s remarkable courage and strength were an inspiration to everyone. ‘I’m going to be ok, mom,” is what he told his parents before he underwent surgery.

Archer’s parents (Jennifer and Pete Granger) consistently remark that their son’s recovery was a miracle, and that Hurley saved their son’s legs and his life.

This August will mark the 9th anniversary of Archer’s accident. He is doing so well, even marching in the Lapeer High School band with his trumpet! He was invited to play with them as a middle school student last year.

Thanks to the specialists at Hurley and the amazing support from his friends and family, Archer Granger is marching on – as a living miracle.